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Katey Selix

Director of Strategic Partnerships and Co-Founder

With 15+ years of experience, Katey has worked in various areas of the entertainment industry including, film, television, music and live event production. She has overseen crews, led different development teams, and overseen production for various global brands, Working with some of tech, and entertainments most well known companies including Google, RED, and even the White House. Having been an independent contractor for the entirety of her career, she has always sought creative solutions, unique approaches, and fresh perspectives that meet the needs of not only her clients, but those creating the experience. She started very humbly in her career and always carried the attitude that if she were going to ask creatives to do something, or make work within a scope – that she ought to know their perspective as well. Working in everything from celebrity PR, to camera, and other departments and roles she wanted to know what made it all work, and believes firmly that it was that attitude that made her a good producer and manager. Katey’s long varied career has always made her more curious about how to help creatives find solutions – and thus, has always made her think outside the box. She’s always considering things that have not been as traditional as the rest of the industry. Creating unique opportunities for not only investors, but also artists/creatives made coming in as a partner in 1913 an obvious choice.