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Chris Todd

Studio Head of Black Mountain Media Production Group and Co-Founder

Chris is a filmmaker at his core. He graduated from The Savannah School of Art and Design with a B.A. in directing and cinematography. Immediately after school, Chris jumped straight into the world of cinema by joining the production of Terrence Malick’s “The Tree of Life “. He spent the next four years working alongside some of his heroes, listening and learning every step of the way, with several of his shots making it into the film’s final cut. This life-changing opportunity helped pave the way for him to follow his passions. His heart lies in the art of storytelling, and being able to author those stories is paramount for him. Chris made his directorial debut at several major film festivals, including Leeds International Film Festival, Morbido, Telluride Horror Show, and Fantastic Fest. Following the success of his first short, he wrote and directed his next project, which won him The Dangerous Vision award at the Chattanooga Film Fest and played at Fantasia Film Fest, Fantastic Fest, Bifann, and The Sidewalk Film Festival. That same year the Austin Chronicle nominated Chris for Best Up and Coming Filmmaker. As a 1913 co-founder, Chris’s goal is to bring his passion and tenacity to do work that he believes in and be a facilitator for others to do the same. For Chris being a founder of 1913 Media Group means he can do those things, make work he’s passionate about in a way that no one has before and allow other filmmakers who need their voice to heard that opportunity to do so as well.